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Missoula, Montana is a stunningly beautiful place that captures the essence of the American West. Surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountains, the city is filled with lush green forests, winding rivers, and expansive valleys. The beauty of Missoula lies not only in its natural surroundings but also in its charming downtown area with its brick buildings, unique boutiques, and cozy cafes. Visitors can explore the numerous parks and trails that offer breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings, including the iconic Rattlesnake National Recreation Area. Whether it's the vibrant colors of autumn, the sparkling snow in winter, or the blooming wildflowers in the spring, Missoula is a year-round paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates the beauty of nature.

Katy Anderson - Realtor

Katy Anderson


(406) 880-2060

Sam Angel - Realtor

Sam Angel


(406) 546-2522

Hannah Appelhans - Realtor

Hannah Appelhans


(406) 207-9135

Jennifer Barnard - Realtor

Jennifer Barnard


(406) 529-7644

Jeri Barta - Realtor

Jeri Barta


(406) 671-0402

Karen Berg-DiGangi - Realtor

Karen Berg-DiGangi


(406) 201-5626

Cindy Biggerstaff - Realtor

Cindy Biggerstaff


(406) 544-4635

Carol Brooks - Realtor

Carol Brooks


(406) 218-9822

David Brooks - Realtor

David Brooks


(406) 240-9269

Bill Bucher - Realtor

Bill Bucher


(406) 529-8329

Sara Camiscioni - Realtor

Sara Camiscioni


(406) 880-6616

Carly Chenoweth - Realtor

Carly Chenoweth


(406) 207-3119

Nancy Coffee - Realtor

Nancy Coffee


(406) 240-0805

Ed Coffman - Realtor

Ed Coffman


(406) 370-5009

Wendy Coffman - Realtor

Wendy Coffman


(406) 880-5001

Joe Cummings - Realtor

Joe Cummings


(406) 240-9435

Tory Dailey - Realtor

Tory Dailey


(406) 880-8679

Pat Dauenhauer - Broker / Owner

Pat Dauenhauer


(406) 240-2442

Goldie Dobak - Realtor

Goldie Dobak


(406) 240-2331

Bruno Friia - Broker / Owner

Bruno Friia

Property Management

(406) 360-3500

Savannah Fultz - Realtor

Savannah Fultz


(720) 505-4448

Chris Funston - Realtor

Chris Funston


(406) 560-4007

Julie Gardner - Realtor

Julie Gardner


(406) 532-9233

Shawna Gascon - Realtor

Shawna Gascon


(406) 207-1768

Zach Gratton - Realtor

Zach Gratton


(406) 794-7572

Rita Gray - Realtor

Rita Gray


(406) 544-4226

Michele Hall - Realtor

Michele Hall


(406) 531-5298

Carla Hardy - Realtor

Carla Hardy


(406) 531-8112

Annelise Hedahl - Realtor

Annelise Hedahl

Supervising Broker

(406) 549-6979

Adam Hertz - Realtor

Adam Hertz


(406) 239-1865

Brittni Hertz - Realtor

Brittni Hertz


(406) 546-8904

Brittney Hogue - Realtor

Brittney Hogue


(406) 880-5510

Vickie Honzel - Realtor

Vickie Honzel


(406) 531-2605

Karli Hughes - Realtor

Karli Hughes


(406) 531-4150

Ruth King - Realtor

Ruth King


(406) 531-2628

Sandee Kuni - Realtor

Sandee Kuni


(406) 241-3034

Peter Lambros - Realtor

Peter Lambros


(406) 549-1928

Courtney McFadden - Realtor

Courtney McFadden


(406) 671-7901

Rick Meisinger - Realtor

Rick Meisinger


(406) 240-6031

Jackie Mumm - Realtor

Jackie Mumm


(406) 546-7221

Hillary Ogg - Realtor

Hillary Ogg


(406) 370-0137

Janna Pummill - Realtor

Janna Pummill


(406) 546-3144

Sheryll Rainey - Realtor

Sheryll Rainey


(760) 604-2226

Chase Reynolds - Realtor

Chase Reynolds


(406) 546-6334

Kila Reynolds - Realtor

Kila Reynolds


(406) 529-4574

Jan & Rod Roger - Realtors

Jan & Rod Rogers


Jan (406) 239-5930

Rod (406) 239-5929

Deana Ross - Supervising Broker

Deana Ross

Supervising Broker

(406) 239-4726

Jeremy Schultz - Supervising Broker

Jeremy Schultz

Supervising Broker

(406) 207-0207

Shirley Simonson - Realtor

Shirley Simonson


(406) 546-9595

Tom Skalsky - Realtor

Tom Skalsky


(406) 546-6620

Brandy Snider Realtor

Brandy Snider


(406) 239-8811

Katie Thies - Realtor

Katie Thies


(406) 207-5857

Merrilee Valentine - Realtor

Merrilee Valentine


(406) 370-4984

Sasha Vermel - Realtor

Sasha Vermel


(406) 404-6241

Jack Wade - Realtor

Jack Wade


(406) 2440-3089

Lyla Wiemokly - Realtor

Lyla Wiemokly


(406) 546-1580

Dan Worrell - Realtor

Dan Worrell


(406) 546-8903

Bill Wyckman - Realtor

Bill Wyckman


(406) 544-7592

Bob Zimorino - Realtor

Bob Zimorino


(406) 239-9795

Sheryll was fantastic to work with.

Rick was readily available for us. We were looking for a house in a hurry so we could settle in our new MT home.

Annelise kept us informed through the entire process and secured us the best deal on the house we purchased.

Folks are very knowledgable and guide you through the entire process. Annelise deserves high praise, she is wonderful!

Very happy with Jan. Knowledgable about the area and market.

Tory is the best, we really like her.

Hillary was the right combination of listening to our wants/needs and pushing our limits. She found the best house that we never would have considered without her.

We are highly satisfied with our experience with Joe. He is knowledgeable, proactive and courteous.

We are very happy to work with Deana and have recommended her to friends. Very Knowledgeable.

Shawna was a delight to work with. She made this transaction so easy for us. Very helpful and knowledgeable. If we even decide to sell we will have her sell our house for us. Love her.

Annelise was amazing! She took my mom and I through th whole process. Excellent communication. So informed. We love her.

Julie really knows her stuff! Very professional and gave us excellent advice. Good experience overall. We found the right house in a tight market.

Jack is the best. So knowledgeable about real estate and construction which is very helpful.

Adam did an excellent job. He made our first home buying experience very smooth and was very knowledgeable about the VA process.

Tavia went above and beyond. She is the reason my first home buyers experience was as positive and successful as it was!

Rick Meisinger was very good to work with.

Jennifer was extremely knowledgable and helpful through the entire process. I don't think it would have happened without her.

Jeremy did such a great job being flexible with our schedules, helping us make good offers. We appreciated his expertise.

Hillary Went out of her way to accommodate us and take care of all home visits since we were in KS.

Deana Ross did everything she could to make the sale and purchase of the home easy.

Charles was very helpful. Professional, relatable and honest. Appreciated his hustle in this Missoula housing market.

Wonderful collaboration among professionals. A great combination of strengths that served me well.

Jennifer is so kind and helpful. She gave us lots of information that we didn't know before.

ERA Lambros was very excellent and would love to work with them next time.

Tory was amazing to work with every step of the way. She made moving to a new state a breeze. Everyone we worked with in this process were pro's and it couldn't have been easier.

Lyla worked extremely hard to assist us in buying our first home. She was always a call or text away and that sure took a lot of the pressure off of us.

Tory has made herself available even 6 months after the sale to help find resources for our apartment.

Tory found us a home that really fit us in a tough market.

Annelise is hard working, smart, ethical, and always has her client's best interests in mind

Karli Hughes went above and beyond our expectations. She has a genuine passion for helping others find their dream home.

Ruth is the best! Quick to respond and very detailed in all aspects. Easy to talk to, good negotiator. Always has our best interests in mind.

We LOVE Julie and her team! Ive recommended this team to any friends in missoula who have considered buying.

Kila was a huge help to our success in the purchase of our condo. I feel so lucky we had her help.

Julie and her team are amazing.

Carla was awesome. Very patient, hard working and knowledgable. We could not have found a house without her.

Zach was very helpful with all of my questions and concerns throughout the buying process. his knowledge of the area and willingness to go above and beyond is the best.

We would not be in our home if it wasn't for Joe! We cannot thank him enough.

Lyla was wonderful to work with. She kept us well informed and was a pleasure to work with.

Brittni is a rockstar! She helped each step along the stressful path. She was confident about everything.

Ruth was referred to us by a family friend. We were a first time home buyers. Ruth put our fears and concerns at bay. She went above and beyond. Kept us informed and exceeded our expectations.

Deana was more knowledgable about all aspects then any realtor we've had before

Jeremy is the best. Trust him with your big life decisions

Janna helped me step by step and made the entire process so much easier and enjoyable.

Courtney was fabulous from beginning to end.

Rick did an awesome job.

Rick was extremely professional, friendly, knowledgable and efficient. Excellent agent.

Sheryll really went the extra mile for me. Her excellent relationship with the contractor really smoothed the way. Wonderful personality.

Jeremy is literally the most knowledgable and thoughtful agent i've ever had. He is an awesome person.

We've worked with Jeremy for over 15 years and he has always been great. We have recommended him to all our friends.

Deana was the greatest. I would highly recommend her.

Cindy is wonderful. I count on her to be knowledgable and honest. She is very easy to work with.

Absolutely would recommend Sandee to anyone. She was so informative, knowledgable, friendly and professional. Very organized, professional and timely. Felt very well taken care of through the whole process.

Sandee was a true pleasure to work with. Our brothers and everyone involved agrees she's fantastic. If/When we look for home #2 we're calling Sandee first.

Sam made buying our first home much les intimidating than we expected. She always went through the paperwork with us to be sure we understood and She really listened to us and addressed our concerns.

We always knew what was going on and she helped us understand the process and what to expect. we are very grateful that we had Sam to help us navigate this journey

We had only positive experiences during our search for a home. Vickie guided us through the process like the pro she obviously is. She found us our dream home.

Hillary handled everything we needed including referring the finance. Short timeline closing. Well done Hillary.

Karen provided detailed and timely interactions and answers to all of our questions from the very beginning to our first mortgage payment.

Chris was awesome! We cannot say enough good things about our experience! He was extremely attentive and timely, very realistic and provided us with advice and insight into the local market

Rick was amazing. He worked with us for nearly a year, never lost patience.

Zach was wonderful to work with. My wife and i couldn't be happier

Tory is our go to gal for our family.

Would use Karli again and recommend her to others.

We have already recommended Courtney to a friend. We are very grateful that Courtney was our sales associate.

Tory is absolutely amazing! She exceeded our expectations. will highly recommend her to others. Her promptness and knowledge of the purchasing procedure was top notch.

Janna was awesome! I'll be calling her again when i sell in 3-4 years.

We enjoyed working with Jeremy and would happily work with him again.

Sandee is knowledgable on VA standards and requirements for loans. She understood what i was looking for in a home.

Merrilee was great and couldn't have had a better first time buyer experience.

Hillary was very accommodating and helped us close on our dream home quickly. Despite a snag with inspections that briefly threatened the sale.

David was so kind and straight to the point. As first time home buyers he made the process seamless.

Julie was professional, timely and knowledgable.

Sheryll was great - easy to work with, professional, helpful, considerate, knowledgeable, and went to bat for us. Thank you!

Sasha was great! She went above and beyond in assisting us - we were out of state and she was a huge help.

Rick was most professional, helpful, informative, and pleasant. Most of all, he was patient and never high pressure. I felt he was looking out for our best interests at all times.

We loved working with Lyla - she was easy to communicate with and provided highly professional and timely support. We needed a trusted person to guide us through a new home build/purchase and provide us with recommendation for all the associated we were living out of state. She delievered on all. We were impressed with all of our contacts from financing, insurance, home inspection, ect... Her knowledge of local and state regulations is impressive and reassuring. She supported us every step of the way. We highly recommend Lyla.

Jeremy was awesome! Would recommend to anyone. Made a stressful situation seem like a breeze!

Jackie was great to work with! She is very professional and made our home buying experience easy. We've bought many homes over the years and Jackie and ERA Lambros was the best experience - professional, thorough and every detail wasn't missed.

Carly was very professional and helpful, she went above and beyond with her communication and organization.

Outstanding overall! Tory and Charlie were the best, we could not have done it without them.

Merrilee far exceded our expectations. Our journey as a first-time buyers was smooth and non-intimidating thanks to her time and care. We wouldn't recommend anyone else.

Kila is such a sweet, wonderful person and it was a joy to get to know her through this very challenging home buying process. She helped us get through it.

Courtney is a world class realtor and as good as they come. I could not recommend her more!